Company profile

Bel Chimica Srl is a chemical industry, with oces in Agliana (Pistoia - Tuscany) which manages the historic GEAL brand, founded in 1979 and internationally established and recognized. The company develops, produces and markets chemical products for the treatment, recovery and preservation of all building materials on oors, walls, structures and furnishings such as stones, marbles, granites, terracotta, bricks, porcelain stoneware, ceramics, mineral recomposed , synthetic materials and wood.

The Bel Chimica Srl sales model is business to business and its oer is divided into two operating segments: Industry and Retail Division. All the production is Made in Italy, made entirely in the Agliana plant where the GEAL brand was founded.

The company currently has 15 internal collaborators and a sales network made up of 5 Area Managers, 31 agencies throughout the country and 18 abroad. Within the company structure there is also a Research & Development Center that provides specialized technical assistance in the laboratory, on site or, in real time, through the telephone technical assistance service.

The range of products in its price list consists of about 80 formulations marketed under the GEAL brand or as Private Label through specialized resellers and distributors present throughout the national territory and abroad (Europe, America, Middle East and the Australian continent).

Bel Chimica Srl is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard concerning the design, development, production and sale of chemical products for cleaning, treating and maintaining absorbent building materials on oors, walls, structures and furnishings.